Playing consciously in online casinos also means knowing the most common terms and expressions used to describe the various aspects of this activity.

Our glossary is not intended to collect all the words that can be related to the topic treated as a dictionary; it would be a waste of time for both our staff and our readers.

Instead, we focused on those expressions whose meaning was fundamental for understanding the various aspects of gaming on the web.

A very simple and quick consultation of the terms most frequently encountered in the world of online casinos .

General Terms

  • AAMS: Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies, among other things it deals with managing the regulation about gambling.
  • Bankroll: represents the amount of money available to the player, in the form of chips, chips, or game account balance.
  • Bonus: economic offer for players crediting “extra” money, play for free or refund.
  • Casino Live (live): a game mode that allows players to connect to streaming at real rather than virtual gaming tables.
  • Chips: coin used inside gambling halls instead of money.
  • Dealer (croupier): the operator who manages the game table, deals with the cards, etc … It is virtual in online casino games, real in live ones.
  • Deposit (deposit, top-up): operation by which players can increase the balance available on the casino game account, using electronic payment methods.
  • High Roller: indicates a player who deposits and bets very high amounts, usually over $ 1000.
  • Jackpot: cash prize that increases every time a player places a bet. It is released randomly to one lucky player.
  • Lobby indicates the first screen that opens after accessing the program of an online casino installed on a PC. This is equivalent to the homepage of a website.
  • Payout (RTP): percentage of the collection returned in winnings to players. It is a percentage that statistically indicates “how much it pays” for a given game.
  • Playthrough (wagering volume, wagering): total amount wagered by a player in all casino games, regardless of the positive or negative outcome of the bets. It is used to indicate bonus unlocking requirements.
  • Withdrawal: an operation in which players can cash out the money available in the gaming account through different payment methods.
  • Doubling: action allowed only in some games (slot machines, video poker), which allows the player to attempt to double the winnings. Either double or lose everything. In some variants, half doubling is possible.
  • RNG: Random Number Generator, the heart of the software that manages online casinos, aims to randomly create the possible results of a game in virtual games.
  • Contribution table: table used to indicate what percentage the various games of a casino contribute to the calculation of the game volume.
  • Skill games: casino games not only related to luck but also partly to “skills,” that is to the player’s skills.

Slot Machine Terms

  • Winning lines: the number of lines on the slot panel on which series of equal symbols give rise to a win. They can vary from 1 to 243 in the five-reel slots, each containing three symbols (the most acommon).
  • Rollers: they represent the lines on which the symbols of the slot machines slide vertically.
  • Free Spin: play for free self-activated as a bonus game when special symbols appear in certain positions. During these games, winnings are paid out, but no credit is deducted from the player’s balance.
  • Re-spin: a particular type of free-spin, re-spins are won with particular combinations of symbols and have special functions.
  • Wild: wild symbol replaces all other symbols except special ones in a combination.
  • Scatter: special symbol, the payout is associated in this case with the presence of multiple scatter symbols in any position on the reels, even if not on an active payline. Usually, these symbols are also linked to the start of bonuses or free spin games.
  • Winning multiplier: in some cases, it is possible to obtain multipliers that increase the value of the winnings obtained.
  • Bet per line: the cash bet on each line. The product gives the total bet between the bet per line and the number of lines.

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